About Solareh

Since 1984, Solareh has been focused on helping people and organizations achieve and maintain a state of productive wellness. We are proud of the unique expertise we've developed in our three decades of supporting Canadians and of the results we've helped our clients achieve.

Our results have really been defined by our customers. We partner with group insurers to support healthy work in their plan sponsors' organizations. We work with organizations to help them manage their health and absence-related costs. We are committed to helping individuals deal with challenges related to their mental and physical health that impact their performance and enjoyment of work and life. We also work with managers and assist them in building plans to support team members who may be having difficulty working together or in implementing and executing a wellness strategy.

For almost thirty years, Solareh has offered employee, family and organizational assistance programs, programs for employers and insurers that support a successful recovery and return to work, wellness and training programs, and unique programs for insurance clients when they're experiencing either grief or loss.

Solareh is a national provider that offers its services to about 50,000 organizations and over one million employees and their loved ones. We're also a company that takes the wellness of its own employees seriously. That philosophy flows naturally into our product design and service delivery. Our efforts as an employer to build a wellness culture have been recognized by Excellence Canada and The Healthy Enterprises Group (formerly GP2S).

For more information about Solareh, write to us at info@solareh.com or call us at 1-800-668-8428. We will be happy to talk to you about how Solareh might be able to help your organization.