Health and return to work management program

Services to help employees feel better and return to work


Solareh's Vivalia® health and return to work management program is designed for employees on short-term or long-term disability. The services help people regain their ability to function effectively by giving them access to the support they need. The goal is to help them return to work as quickly as possible and under the best possible conditions. Vivalia®'s success is based on our unique, proactive, solution-oriented approach.

Mental health services. Professional counsellors, whether they be psychologists, social workers or occupational therapists specializing in mental health, contribute to the improvement of the person's cognitive abilities by helping them adapt to their new state of health.

Physical health services. Physical health professionals, such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nutritionists and kinesiologists, contribute to the improvement of the person's condition and their return to work. Their expertise helps the person adapt to their new state of health and promotes an appropriate layout of their environment.

Return to work support services. Vocational and organizational health professionals, for example employment or labour relations counsellors, assess the issues involved in the workplace. It's then possible to look for concrete solutions and implement an action plan for the employee's return to work.

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