Assistance program for companies, employees and their families, offered in conjunction with a group benefits program

Take action through recognized, effective, confidential services


The Posaction® assistance program is designed to provide prompt access to the resources needed to resolve problems affecting employee health, performance and presence at work. This employee and family assistance program offers tangible actions and is structured around four components.

Counselling services. Plan members and their dependents have access to telephone counselling, online counselling via secure videoconference, and face-to-face counselling. The services are provided by professionals. Other assistance services are also available.

Life services. Telephonic Life Services provide access to resources for resolving legal or financial difficulties, or for support with childcare or eldercare challenges.

Tools for the organization. Each organization has a dedicated consultant, receives promotional materials, has access to Traumactiv® our post-traumatic counselling service and benefits from our program management tools.

The Posaction® employee assistance program is offered as a benefit under our insurer clients' group insurance contracts.

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