Health risk assessment tools and resources right at your fingertips

A confidential Health & Wellness Companion

Health risk assessment

Solareh's assistance programs can also give insured employees access to a confidential online Health & Wellness Companion. This secure interactive website is approved by the Canadian Medical Association, and provides all insured employees with free round-the-clock access to:

  • A personalized health profile established using questionnaires that evaluate their lifestyle habits (nutrition, sleep, stress, physical activity, etc.).
  • A confidential health record that can be used to consolidate all their personal and family health information (illnesses, medications, allergies, vaccinations, etc.).
  • A database of reliable information about various health-related topics (asthma, cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, mental health, etc.).

Establish a health profile

Sometimes our busy lives make it hard for us to see the big picture, so answering health questions can be challenging. The Health & Wellness Companion gives employees access to self-assessment tools that will help give them better insight into their lifestyle habits and the impact these habits have on their health.

Create a personal health record

When it comes to looking after the health of ourselves and our family, there's a lot of information to remember. The Health & Wellness Companion offers a secure, confidential way to centralize all the information.

Find reliable information

Finding reliable health information can take a lot of time and effort. With the online Health & Wellness Companion, employees have access to a database of articles approved by health care professionals.