Since 1984, Solareh has been focused on helping people and organizations achieve and maintain a state of productive wellness. We are proud of the unique expertise we've developed in our three decades of supporting Canadians and of the results we've helped our clients achieve.

Proud to be part of Morneau Shepell

As of December 20, 2016, Solareh was acquired by Morneau Shepell. We are now part of the leading global EAP provider, and Canada’s leading provider of integrated absence management solutions, and the largest administrator of retirement and benefits plans. Our commitment and dedication to providing excellent service to our clients continues. For more information on the acquisition, please read the news release.

Josée Colavecchio appointed Solareh’s Executive Vice President

Josée Colavecchio
Solareh is pleased to announce the appointment of Josée Colavecchio as Executive Vice President.

Josée joined Solareh in 2005 as Director, Health and Return to Work Management. In 2008, she was promoted to vice president, Operations, and in this role has since been involved in numerous strategic and development projects such as our integrated management of overall health, a repositioning of Solareh’s service offering, the development of our technological capabilities to enhance the accessibility of our services and business development. As a member of the Executive Office, she has demonstrated a high level of strategic and tactical abilities in order to move these key projects forward with great success.

Throughout her career, Josée has developed in-depth expertise in professional rehabilitation with regard to both physical and mental health. She began her career as a clinical occupational therapist, then moved to Sun Life Financial, in 1995, to join the disability management team.

Josée brings to the table unique qualifications, first with a background in occupational therapy, which helps safeguard the quality of our clinical process and secondly, by demonstrating a sound business acumen, thanks to a certificate in business management and hands-on experience at Solareh.

In her new role, Josée will continue to be responsible for ensuring the sound management of Solareh’s national operations while further contributing to the company's development and overall strategy.

Marie-Thérèse Dugré
President and CEO

Solareh present in Fort McMurray

Fort McMurray

Solareh is present in Fort McMurray. Our team is present to help these people cope with the psychological and emotional impacts caused by these castatrophic events. In this context, Solareh offers private and group counseling on site. We also offer phone consultations to those affected by the events. This support is offered in collaboration with our customers and our partners and our professional counsellors residing in this province.

Marie-Thérèse Dugré, President and Chief Executive Officer of Solareh and a psychologist, explains « that it is important to remember that the need for consultation and for support does not disappear when the daily routine takes its course. In fact, the need increases when the impacts of the events begin to take shape in concrete terms.

National Mental Health Week

From May 2 to 8 2016, the Quebec Mental Health Movement, is the prime promoter of the National Mental Health Week . Solareh is partnering in promoting the campaign and has forwarded the 7 Ways to feel good about yourself to all the organizations it serves.

National Mental Health Week

On April 29, 2016, our president Marie-Thérèse Dugré received from EASNA the Leadership Award for demonstrating ongoing commitment and leadership in support of EAP and workplace health.

We invite you to read the press article.
Emco and Providence Health & Services to Receive EASNA 2016 Corporate Awards

It's with great pleasure that I announce that at the Rassemblement pour la santé et le mieux-être en entreprise, held in Montreal on May 25 and 26, Solareh received a Distinction Award (Prix Distinction), in the category: Services Business (entreprise de services)

This is a new category of award and I am proud that Solareh was the first company to be recognized for its profesionnalism and the outstanding quality of its services. It's a direct result of everebody's work performance!

Prix Distinction dans la catégorie : entreprise de services

What is Psychological Health and Safety in a workplace?

There's a new idea in occupational health: this idea is psychological health and safety. Psychological health and safety is about safeguarding the psychological health of the employees.

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« Getting managers the kind of help they need Employee assistance not always on leaders’ radar » By Marie-Thérèse Dugré

Article published In the Calgary Herald, September 20, 2014
Getting managers the kind of help
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Canada-Wide Celebrations

As part of Solareh’s 30th anniversary activities, we have recently hosted a breakfast conference for brokers and client’s representatives. These meetings were held in several Canadian cities, including Halifax, Toronto, Winnipeg, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver. The presentation focused on psychological health in the workplace, specifically on the prevention of distress by Managers. These events have increased the participant’s awareness on the issues related to managing employees suffering from psychological distress. They also learned about the tools available to assist these managers. Given their role as advisor, brokers and representatives of the insurers, are now better informed. They will be able to suggest effective business solutions to their clients.

Solareh’s 30th anniversary

For its 30th anniversary, Solareh produced a video that presents its philosophy and its range of services. We would like to invite you to watch it.

January 20th, 2014

2014 is an important year for Solareh: we are turning 30, a pivotal moment for any company

For the past three decades, Solareh has been focused on giving organizations and managers the tools they need to create a healthy workplace. We are very proud of the unique expertise we have developed over the years in this field.

Our objective is to continue providing professional health and wellness services that help our clients keep their human resources costs under control.

Solareh will continue to grow its customer service and business development team across Canada. On that topic, we are proud to introduce Wanda Crawley, our new Account Executive responsible for Atlantic Canada. Based in Halifax, Wanda joins our seasoned team of Account Executives.

While Wanda is arriving, we are also sad to announce Sean Slater's departure. As the Vice-President of Business Development, Sean was instrumental in the rebranding and repositioning of Solareh. He will be greatly missed.

Solareh's team of account executives is there to provide you and your clients with healthy work solutions, ongoing customer service and development strategies. Do not hesitate to contact them at any time.

October 1st, 2013

Solareh and the Healthy Workplace Month

October is the national Healthy Workplace Month and, for Solareh, it is always an important event. Why? Because we have the longstanding belief that health and work always go hand in hand. This philosophy is at the core of our offering, whether we are talking about prevention, training, assistance for organisations and managers or rehabilitation.

For more information regarding the National Healthy Workplace Month, please click on this link.

July 12th, 2013

Solareh on the Ground in Lac-Mégantic

Solareh, a Montreal-based national provider of Employee and Manager Assistance Programs and Trauma Response services, is present in the town of Lac-Mégantic. Solareh supports its Posaction® and Reactiv® clients, and the population in the area, as they deal with the immediate and subsequent emotional and psychological impacts related to last week-end's rail catastrophe.

Working together with its customers and partners, Solareh and its network of professional psychologists, trauma responders and clinical counsellors are providing on-site group and individual counselling as well as telephonic debriefing sessions to those who are impacted in any way by the recent events.

"It's important to remember," reminds Marie-Thérèse Dugré, Solareh's CEO and herself a practicing psychologist, "that an individual's need for counselling and support doesn't disappear as daily routines begin returning to normal. In fact, the need increases as the impact of the event begins to settle in."

In concert with its insurer partners and Lac-Mégantic employers, Solareh's professional critical incident experts, together with counsellors who specialize in grief, loss, and post-traumatic stress, will continue to provide support during the recovery period and into the future.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

June 10th, 2013

"Not myself today" campaign

Last January, a new Canadian norm regarding psychological health and security in the workplace was launched. Solareh participated to its development through Marie-Thérèse Dugré, our CEO, who was a member of the committee in charge of formulating it. Associating ourselves to the awareness efforts resulting from this norm was only natural.

One such effort is the national "Not myself today" campaign, which Solareh is very proud to be supporting. We strongly believe that all organizations can benefit from associating themselves with this campaign, to the point where we have promoted it amongst our own employees. The campaign has proved to be a good opportunity to bring our employees to discuss ways that would allow us to innovate and make improvements to our work environment.

We invite you to do the same in your own workplace. For more information about the campaign, please hesitate to visit

Solareh, a healthy enterprise

At Solareh, we take the well-being of individuals and organizations to heart. The video above presents our company's philosophy and talks about how this view is put into practice in our own organization on a daily basis.