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Solareh and the insurance industry

Since its foundation in 1984, Solareh has maintained a close relationship with the insurance industry. The intermediaries and their insurers are in fact at the heart of our company. The importance we attach to these ties shows, amongst other things, in the seminars intended for the intermediaries that we have been holding every two years for the past two decades.

These ties with the insurance industry also show in the Solareh’s product line, a product line that is influenced by the needs of the industry. For example, Posaction® Plus, our confidential assistance program for distressed employees, is integrated in the group insurance contract of your insurers. In addition, Posaction® Plus includes Coachtel® and Traumactiv®, our telephonic assistance program for managers and our post-traumatic intervention program.

When, even though it is impossible to add these services to their insurance contract, one of your clients wants to offer Solareh’s services to their employees, we are also happy to work directly with you in order to offer them an assistance program that suits their needs.

For more details regarding our products and our services, do not hesitate to contact us.