Manager and union representative assistance program

Hands-on tools for proactive, healthy organizations

Posaction® Plus

The goal of the Posaction® Plus assistance program is to provide managers and union representatives with professional resources to help them prevent and resolve problems affecting their team. This program offers tangible solutions to individual and organizational health issues. It is structured around five components.

Counselling services. Employees who are experiencing difficulties have access to telephone counselling, online counselling via secure videoconference, and face-to-face counselling. The services are provided by professionals. Other assistance services are also available.

Access to Coachtel®. A confidential telephone coaching service to help managers and union representative resolve the problems that arise within their team. Experienced professionals assess the situation with them, help them identify what's causing the problem and guide them through a problem-solving process.

Access to Traumactiv®. Provides assistance when a traumatic or dramatic event occurs that can disrupt normal operations.

Training. Provides access to training modules designed to help managers deal with problems related to managing people and to help union representatives support their members.

The Posaction® Plus program is offered as a benefit under many of our insurer partners' group insurance contracts.

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