Employee wellness and performance improvement program

Activities for adopting healthy lifestyle habits


The activities offered under Solareh's Syntonia® program are designed to provide the encouragement people need to take action, the first step in changing behaviour. Our team of professionals, comprised of kinesiologists, nutritionists, nurses and psychologists, helps your employees take control of their health and improve their well-being.

In addition, experienced facilitators offer training sessions to help your managers improve the work environment and organizational health in order to promote better attendance and optimal employee performance.

How it works

The activities offered under the Syntonia® program are broken down into five categories.

  1. Seminars on a range of health-related topics
  2. Interactive workshops designed to generate active participation by allowing participants to talk with a professional about a specific subject
  3. Health and wellness booths staffed by experts
  4. Clinics that allow employees to meet one-on-one with a professional to assess their physical health
  5. Manager training that gives people-leaders an opportunity to improve their people-management skills and competencies
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