On-site post-traumatic counselling program

Services for coping with a traumatic event


The Traumactiv® post-traumatic counselling program offers psychological assistance services following tragic or traumatic events. These events may occur within the workplace (major accident, violent death, armed robbery, hostage-taking, assault, fire, etc.) or outside the workplace (death of a co-worker, their child or their spouse, announcement of a co-worker's critical illness, etc.).

Traumactiv® is offered to managers and union representatives to help them access the professional assistance required by the employees involved. Traumactiv® is included in the Posaction® and Posaction® Plus programs. Intervention packages can also be purchased separately.

Features of Traumactiv®

  • Telephone lines open 24/7
  • Coaching for managers and union representatives
  • Psychological counselling
  • Group debriefing
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