What we do

Solareh's range of programs, solutions to your problems

For almost thirty years, Solareh has offered employee, family and organizational assistance programs, programs for employers and insurers that support a successful recovery and return to work, wellness and training programs, and unique programs for insurance clients when they're experiencing either grief or loss. In other words, Solareh offers solutions to individual health issues and can help organizations better control their costs in that regard.

  • Employee and manager assistance programs
  • Solareh's assistance programs' goal is to offer professional help to employees and their family members. Our programs also offer support to managers to help them deal with issues that arise in the workplace.
  • Online health tools
  • This secure interactive website is approved by the Canadian Medical Association, and provides members with access to a personalized health profile, a confidential health record, and a database of reliable information about various health-related topics.
  • Health and return to work management
  • Solareh's health and return to work services have been developed to support employees on short-term or long-term disability. The services offered are aimed at helping them recover and return to work under the best possible conditions.
  • Organizational services
  • The services offered by these programs provide the resources and training needed to prevent and solve difficulties that affect productivity, wellness and presence at work.
  • Assistance following an accident, loss or bereavement
  • When an accident, a loss or the death of a loved one occurs, individuals can be strongly affected. Overcoming events like these can be difficult and Solareh's programs are there to offer help that goes beyond financial compensation.