Solareh employee assistance program

Customized services to meet organizational needs

Solareh EAP

Solareh offers assistance programs for employees and their families directly to interested organizations. These programs are designed to provide ready access to professional resources who can help resolve problems affecting health, well-being, and performance and attendance at work. Our assistance programs for employees and their families offer concrete solutions designed to promote healthy work and to help organizations manage their absence-related costs.

Counselling services. Employees and their immediate family members have access to personal, professional EAP counselling provided by professionals and to other assistance services.

Life services. Solareh's telephonic Life Services provide access to resources for resolving legal or financial difficulties, nutrition or health questions, or for support with childcare or eldercare.

Tools for the organization. Each organization has a consultant at its disposal, receives promotional materials, has access to Coachtel®, our manager and union representative telephone counselling service and benefits from our program management tools.

Please contact us for more information concerning a Solareh EAP for your organization.

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